Fixing the System

The profound flaws in America’s security system can all be fixed.

The gaps and defects in current policy can—and should—be replaced with a new structure of economic security and equal opportunity.

The new model would:

     • Virtually eliminate unemployment and poverty; Continue reading ->

     • Provide everyone with superior health insurance, within a market-based framework that lowers health costs, improves quality of care, and promotes better health outcomes;  Continue reading ->

     •Redefine public education in a way that leads to clear gains in student achievement by equalizing per-pupil spending, reforming the structure and financing of K12 education, and enabling all qualifying students to attend college for free. Continue reading ->

As American government puts in place this new foundation of economic security and equal opportunity, it should simultaneously eliminate the welfare system

The new structure of economic security and equal opportunity will provide virtually all Americans with a decent income, excellent health insurance, and a sound education. As a result, there will no longer be a need for government to operate a patchwork of narrow, means-tested, welfare programs that require grown-ups to be poor (or nearly so) as a precondition for help, encourage fraud and error, and discourage work and marriage. Continue reading ->